East Village Art View

Founded by artist Julia Justo, East Village Art View is an inclusive exhibition space in a NYC apartment. It uses the traditional format of a gallery setting to mitigate and confront systemic problems of exclusiveness in the arts. It seeks to provide a platform for presentation of projects by overlooked and marginalized communities as well as to create dialogue between artists and audiences on a global stage.

Hours: Thursdays and Fridays by appointment

111 3rd Avenue, #15H, New York, NY 10003 juliart5@hotmail.com (917) 859-9026


no/mind portraits


Opening Reception: Sat. October 5, 6pm - 8pm

G A P : n o / M I N D

nor relying solely on MIND in the creative (living) process

Prints from Global ART Project : the collaborative future
an international collaborative collective of 56 working artists operating out of 16 countries.

Curated by Carl Heyward

Duration: Oct 5 - Nov 21, 2019

the immigrant artist biennial Exhibition and auction


September, 7th 2019

Artists: Keren Anavy, Graciela Cassel, Eva Davidova, Ana Maria Farina, Gina Goico, Loretta Lomanto, Sania Samad, Liza Sokolovskaya, Tatiana Soteropoulos, Gene Tanta, Beverly Tu, Kohei Urakami, Keiko Nabila Yamazaki.

Poets: Marina Blitshteyn and more TBA

The Immigrant Artist Biennial-TIAB is a multi-disciplinary multi venue exhibition of critically engaged contemporary art made by immigrant artists from around the world, based in US. Premiering in Spring/Summer 2020 in NYC, TIAB sets out to form an international dialogue through exhibition of ambitious projects, performances, panels, etc with an aim to facilitate a diverse and experimental discourse as well as build a globally connected and united community in the times of extreme anti-immigrant sentiment, unrest, discrimination and exclusion.

The Immigrant Artist Biennial seeks to develop urgent and innovative relationship between artists and audiences. Established and directed, by Immigrant Artist, Curator, Organizer and Educator, Katya Grokhovsky and led by a team of arts professionals, TIAB seeks to create a platform for exchange and presentation of projects by often overlooked and silenced voices.


art is money-money is art


East Village Art View

111 Third Avenue, # 15H, New York, NY 10003

(917) 859 9026


Hours: Thursdays and Fridays by appointment


Opening Reception: Friday April 26, 6 - 8 PM, 2019

Duration: April 26 - May 11

Edoardo Marcenaro presents his collection of artworks made on actual $1 bills. The exhibition includes works by Banksy, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Obey and more than 100 local artists.

Artists show how fluid the nature of money is, as its very transformation demonstrates a change in its value when rebuilt as art.

Artists do so as a method to ironize, undermine, sabotage and subvert the power of money. Though these re-designed banknotes are mischievous in nature, many pieces offer distinctive and provocative social criticisms. This unique exhibition explores concepts of wealth, power, equity, justice and creativity.

Art is Money Money is Art Artists: Yasmeen Abdallah, Jack Ader, Nelson Alvarez, Cesar O Alvarez, Enely Turbi Alvarez, Blanka Amezkua, Luigi Anchisi, Andora, Janice Aponte, Theo Applebaum, Mark Araujo, Marcela Ariaz, Mehdi Ashlaghi, Mike Asente, Banksy, Gigi Barrett, Sasha Berson, Michael Blitzer, Leenda Bonilla, Rafael Manuel Calvo Gonzalez, Benjamin Casiano, Victor Castillo, Clare Cooper, Jim Costanzo, Angela Costanzo Paris, Michael Crenshaw, Monika Dahlberg, Ava Day, Joshua Dean, Cristian Delhez, Violet DeLuca, Paul DeRienzo, Mimi Dobelle, Tia Dunn, Savior Elmundo, Klay-James Enos, Nicky Enright, Jonah Feinberg, Betsy Fields, Diana Francia, Danny Gall, Diane Garcia, Marcus Glitteris, Joel Grayson, Oscar Green, Daniel Greer, Goldie Gross, Ellen Hanauer, Piotr Hanzelewicz, Keith Haring, Roshan Houshmand,  Harris Hussein, Sally Jerome, Candy Justo, Julia Justo, Nicole Kagan, David Kanovich, Will Kaplan, Sue Karnet, Sojung Kim, Noelle King, Lesley Koenig, David Korn, Cole Kosarin, Ishikaa Kothari, Salem Krieger, Yonko Kuchera, Alexander Kumar, Nina Kuo, Eric Lamendola, Lisa Lamontanaro, Diane Lang, Sage Lappas, Norah Larry, Jenna Lash, Cole Lazerow, Daniel Levey, Wayne Lucina, Rafaela Luna, Jai Malhotra, Yvan Mas, Rene Maynez, Neel McDonald, Kayley McGonagle, Alex McIntosh, Ryan McKinney, Jason Mena, Josh Merrow, Patricia Miranda, Aida Miro, Will Moller, Sascha Mombartz, Sophia Monaco, Consuelo Mura, Spencer Myers, Alison Newmark, Nick & Chaos, Obey, Joana O Leary, Sean O’Toole, Luis Pagan, Arjun Pal, Dani Palin, Mauricio Paz Viola, Patricia “Lady P” Perez, Yolanda Petrocelli, Alejandro Pinzon, Lina Constanza Porras Garcia, Victoria Quiroz-Becerra, Asya Reznikov, Katherine Rodriguez, Lorin Roser, Hugo Rojas, Cindy Rosario, Jason Ruff, Arlene Rush, Patience Rustomji, Anna Sang Park, Jack Schenker, John Sebastian, Sam Seeherman, Jordan Segal, Martin Segobia, Ben Seklir, James Senzer, Izzy Shin, Celine Shon, Ben Siegel, Kimberly Silverman, Peter Simon, Amy Sinclair, Barbara Slitkin, Jose Soto, Rachel Sporn, Priscilla Stadler, Elizabeth Starcevic, Joey Steigelman, Joanna Stuart, Dora Tass, David C. Terry, Jake Timblick, Jessie Topkis, Joana Toro, Juan Ramiro Torres, John Turpin, Teji Vijayakumar, Andy Warhol, Greta Watson, David Westin, Griffin Wong, Lucia Zambetti, Marielle Zweig.

Jordan Segal.jpg

The Mode rn

Feb 2-28, 2019

Opening Reception Feb 2, 7-9PM

Yasmeen Abdallah, Hannah Beerman, Alex Dolores Salerno, Sam Bennett, Julia Justo, Will Kaplan, Ben Lenovitz, Holly McGraw, Ana Ratner, Jordan Segal and Madeleine Welsch.