2018. Residency. Trestle Gallery and Art Space.

2017. Certificate of Recognition. Selected by Laura Phipps, Curator The Whitney Museum of American Art.

1995. Prize Luigi Prete Foundation. Rome.

1995. Prize Provincial Museum of Art. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

1994. First Prize "Le Muse". Florence. Italy.

1993. Provincial Tourism Department. Rome. Italy.

1993. Prize Municipality of Affile. Italy.

1992. Certificate of Recognition Burckhart Akademie, exhibition "La Marina del Lazio". Rome. Italy.

1991. Gold medal "Sculpture, Graphic and Design" exhibition. Rome. Italy.

1990. First Prize "Rome During The Renaissance" exhibition. Rome. Italy.

1990. First Prize Palace Barberini. Rome . Italy.

1989. Silver medal Department of Culture. Rome. Italy.


Born in Argentina.
Lives in New York, US. 

1992- Accademia Internazionale per l'Unita della Cultura. Rome. Italy

1990-Scuola Internazionale dell'Acquarello.Rome. Italy
1987-MFA. Facultad de Bellas Artes. Argentina


2018. "Art is Money, Money is Art". Rosso20sette gallery. Rome. Italy.

2018. WJS.The Art Complex Museum. Duxbury, MA.

2018. "Big Art in Small Packages". Monmouth Museum. NJ.

2018. "Photowork", BAC, curated by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer E. Jason Wambsgans.

2017. "Open call: Truth", Bric Arts. New York.

2017 "State Property", Bronxartspace. New York.

2017 Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition (BWAC). New York

2017 "Artists Co-Op", Jamaica Center for the Arts (JCAL). New York

2017 Queens Council on the Arts. New York.
2010 Bronx Latin American Art Biennial.NY
2009 United Nations Gallery.NY

2008 The Rio Gallery. New York. NY
2008 Casa de la Cultura Dominicana.
2007 Hispanic Heritage exhibit "Taking Notes”.NY

2006 Casa de la Cultura Dominicana.NY
2005 United Nations Gallery.NY
2005 Feria del Libro Dominicano.NY

2004 New York Public Library
2003 Angel Orensanz Foundation.NY
2002 Theater for the New City.NY
2000 Art on Main Street Gallery. Westchester

1999 The International Center in NY. NY
1993 Museo de Bellas Artes. Argentina

1993 Museo de Arte Fra Angelico. Argentina
1991 Palais de Glace. Argentina
1991 Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Rome
1991 Margutta Gallery. Rome
1990 Palazzo Valentini. Rome
1990 Art Fair "Teverexpo".Rome
1989 Forum Gallery. Rome



My work reflects on the social and political powers that affect me, an immigrant and a Latin woman, and my community. The organic and geometric shapes emphasize the heterogeneity of my New York neighborhood, with all of its classes, genders and races. My work comes from a sense of belonging to a community.  Still, I am also inspired by individuality, differences and innovation. I find inspiration in my daily life, particularly my experiences and thoughts about the treatment of minorities and immigrants. 

The protagonists of my work are law enforcement officers and immigrants, two models that our society sees as opposites. These models metamorphose, there is a symbolic transformation, they are connected and fluid. It's a rethinking, a mutation of two protagonists separated by class, race and social status. 

My models are not silent. They are committed to a social service. They highlight organizations dedicated to helping immigrants. For that purpose I used the expanded media of photography to bring the viewers' attention to the immigrant voice, which in this case takes the form of an advertisement.

My work is black and white with a small area of color. This is a strategy often used in advertising to draw attention to a focal point, which here is a speech of solidarity and commitment.